Given a choice I would paint all day. I would paint for free. I would paint just for the love of it. For the beauty I see and feel in all things, music, movement, people, and life simply unfolding.

I had always sketched as a young boy and found it freeing, however my passion for art came when words failed me in adolescence and I saw and spoke in images and colors instead. It spoke louder than I ever could verbally. I knew then, art was my language. The way in which I spoke and express myself best.  Art- I’ve learned- is a language that mystically transcends generational, linguistic and cultural barriers.

As the complexities and beauty of life intertwine and intensify over the years, I feel even more drawn to express myself in colors, on canvas. I firmly believe that God-the creator of all things beautiful- has blessed us all with a creative voice.  A voice that should be customary in expressing and sharing God’s goodness. My desire is to continue to share this gift and encourage others to nurture their own form of expression.

Created with love and a desire to give back, I am offering products with my art for your enjoyment and to assist nonprofits, aiming to improve the lives of others. A percentage of each sale will go to your charity of choice from our listed partners.

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